Are Diamondback Mountain Bikes Good?

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If you’re considering purchasing a mountain bike, Diamondback makes excellent bikes. This is a well-known brand name, especially for providing affordable bicycles that perform very well.

However, there are many mountain bikes and bicycle brands available. With so many options, you want to go with the best possible, especially concerning price and performance.

This article looks at the Diamondback mountain bike brand to see what’s in store for you. We will provide a basic history of the brand and look at the features and pros and cons.

A Short History of Diamondback Bikes

The Diamondback brand was first a manufacturer of BMX bicycles in 1977 by Western State Imports in California. Later, in 1999, the Derby Cycle Corporation bought the brand and merged with Raleigh before separating into two brands.

At this point, the Diamondback brand exploded and became very popular worldwide. Besides mountain bikes, this brand started making city, road, elliptical, and spin bikes. Today, the owner of Diamondback is Reagent LP, and its headquarters is in Kent, Washington, in the US.

Are Diamondback Mountain Bikes Good?

We want to answer whether mountain bikes from Diamondback are good or not. Generally, most consider these bikes to be pretty good.

Diamondback offers fairly high-end bicycles with high-end components with strong frames for limited prices. Moreover, Diamondback has other features or beneficial aspects that many appreciate, so let’s look.

We can’t tell you whether Diamondback bicycles are good because this is very subjective and often differs from one person to another. Some people like these bikes for their features, whereas others see faults that lead to them not liking this brand. However, we can review all of the Diamondback brand’s pros and cons.

Diamondback Mountain Bike Pros

Let’s look at the aspects of the Diamondback brand that people enjoy. You might want to consider buying a mountain bike from this brand for many reasons.

Many Sizes

One thing that stands out about the Diamondback brand name is that their bicycles come in many sizes. There are bicycles here for both small and large people, and as long as you pay attention to the sizing chart, finding one that fits you should not be a problem.

Getting Replacement Parts is Not a Problem

One issue many other brands suffer is that replacement parts are often difficult to acquire; however, this is not something that you have to worry about with a Diamondback bike. If something on your bike fails, breaks, or requires replacement, every component can be found on the Diamondback online store, which has everything you need.

Excellent Price Range

One of Diamondback mountain bikes’ most attractive features is that they come at various prices. Diamondback mountain bikes are available for under $500, and although they aren’t considered very high-end or high-performance, they’re still excellent bikes.

Some might think Diamondback bicycles are expensive, but this isn’t true. Moreover,  they still perform pretty well despite their low prices.

However, some Diamondback bicycles can cost over $4,000. Therefore, as a buyer, you can spend less money and go with something basic or spend more for a high-end bike with outstanding performance.

Are Diamondback Mountain Bikes Good

Great Frames and Components

The frames on Diamondback bikes are generally very strong with high weight capacities. Many of these mountain bikes are made with hand-built carbon fiber, making them very lightweight and allowing for excellent strength and durability. Most adult bicycles from this brand have a weight capacity of 300 pounds.

Diamondback generally uses fairly high-end components and materials. For example, their mountain bikes have some of the highest-quality disc brakes. They also use other high-end parts from popular brands to put their bikes together.

The suspension forks, pedals, drivetrains, and other components are relatively high-end, despite their low prices. The mountain bikes have very wide handlebars, which make them easy to ride.

Great Warranties and Return Policies

Many of Diamondback’s bike frames come with lifetime warranties, and many of their full suspension frames have warranties of up to five years. There are also one-year returns and guarantees on all Diamondback-branded components. Moreover, if you want to return the bike within 30 days of purchase, Diamondback will let you do so.

Cons of Diamondback  Mountain Bikes

There are also a few downsides to Diamondback mountain bikes to consider, so let’s look.

One downside is that Diamondback mountain bikes generally do not come 100% assembled. You’ll have to take the components to a bike shop or assemble the bike yourself. Although it’s not a huge drawback, it’s not a bonus.

Although Diamondback does sell some relatively affordable mountain bikes, this is not always the case. Their higher-end mountain bikes cost $4,000 or more. Therefore, the high-end models from Diamondback are still relatively unaffordable for people with a limited budget.

Moreover, Diamondback mountain bikes generally aren’t very customizable. Very few mountain bikes sold by this brand are customizable, and these are usually limited in terms of what can be customized.

Finally, Diamondback mountain bikes tend to be heavier than other brands’ bikes.

Final Thoughts

Whether Diamondback mountain bikes are good is something you must decide on your own. Most would say they are perfectly good bikes with relatively high-end components at reasonable prices.