Best MTB Saddles in 2022

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For avid cyclers, getting the proper gear is essential for the best experience. Mountain biking is especially the case due to the more challenging terrain. Therefore, some people look for a good MTB saddle for their mountain bikes.

Below are five of the best MTB saddles. You’ll learn their pros and cons and more.

Best MTB Saddles: Reviews

Wittkop Bike Seat


This MTB Wittkop bike seat is designed for both men and women. It keeps you comfortable as you bike through challenging terrain, especially in the rain. Made of high-quality memory foam, you can almost forget the seat exists.

Product Highlights

Thanks to the memory foam, the seat will morph according to your body and ensure a perfect fit for most cyclists. So there’s no need to worry about comfort with this bike seat.

The surface is waterproof. You don’t want a slick seat that prevents a stable riding experience, especially during mountain biking. The seams are welded shut and tight for absolute sealing.

Wittkop has extensive experience making bicycle accessories and developed its five-zone concept, which is present on this MTB bike seat. The whole saddle is divided into five main zones, all shaped to support the buttocks ergonomically. As a unisex saddle, anyone can enjoy biking for hours and feel no pain.

Ventilation is a concern for mountain bike saddles, and Wittkop has a unique patented airflow system. It promotes adequate air circulation, so your nether regions stay dry and cool. As a result, any discomfort is now a thing of the past.

The package contains an illustrated instruction manual to help users swap out older seats for this Wittkop MTB bike seat. It’s designed to fit just about any bike out there.

The installation process is straightforward. First, remove the old saddle and adjust this Wittkop saddle to your liking. The manual will also help you prevent mistakes.

Besides mountain biking, this Wittkop saddle will keep you comfortable riding on the pavement or other surfaces. Everything is fair game.

The Good

Wittkop has been making bike products since 1898, and the expertise continues today with this saddle’s excellent quality. It’s built to last and provide comfort no matter who’s riding the mountain bike. You’ll surely ride longer distances due to how wonderful it feels.

The Bad

No bike saddle fits everyone, and this product isn’t an exception. Some owners have reported anything from slight discomfort to chafing. Some products also experienced broken rails, but Wittkop was quick to send replacements.


  • Comfortable
  • Easy to install
  • Durable
  • Works on many surfaces


  • May be uncomfortable for some users
  • Rails might break

Velmia Bike Seat

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This Velmia Bike Seat is a lightweight saddle designed for mountain biking. No matter how rough the trails are, you’ll hardly ever feel any discomfort or pain due to its high-quality memory foam construction. In addition, this saddle is designed for practically any type of bike riding.

Product Highlights

Anyone who intends to bike for hours knows that softness is only one aspect of bike seats. Breathability is one main feature that keeps riders comfortable after lots of sweating, and this saddle contains a patented air ventilation system. With it, your lower parts will stay dry and comfy from start to finish.

To help with keeping dry, the surface, including all the welding, is designed to be entirely waterproof. Every drop of water slips right off, and you can immediately dry the seat with a cloth. There’s no need to be concerned with chafing or pain.

The memory foam construction helps this saddle feel like a luxurious, first-class seat, though this is an affordable product that won’t set you back too much. Compression helps it acquire the proper shape so you won’t feel numbness, which happens when the seat is too hard for your bottom.

When buying this saddle, you get a detailed and helpful instruction manual. Installation takes little time and can be completed with only standard hand tools. The seat is practically universal and fits many bikes.

On the trail, you’ll find that your biking shorts won’t slide around on the seat, which happens with some saddles. This is an excellent sign of how the waterproofing helps increase grip when you’re riding.

If your regular biking distance measures 20 miles, this saddle can help you feel great and extend that to almost 30 miles. It’s so pleasant to sit on that many owners love it for all of their bikes.

The Good

Velmia also has brilliant customer service that is client-first. If you encounter problems, contact the company and talk to a representative. Many people have had pleasant experiences, even getting replacements.

The Bad

Some owners aren’t fans of the rougher surface, which may prevent switching riding positions comfortably. Some rider shorts also cling to the material. Fortunately, this isn’t a universal issue.


  • Comfortable
  • Easy to install
  • Durable
  • Excellent customer service


  • Foam is stiff for some users
  • Not suited for riders who change positions a lot

Funn Adlib HD Mountain Bike Saddle Review

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Funn’s Adlib HD Mountain Bike Saddle is designed for racing and comfort. So you can rely on it for the most challenging trails and make it through without soreness. What’s more, it has several striking color schemes to choose from.

Product Highlights

All-day riding is highly demanding, so the bike’s saddle should be optimized for comfort and control. The Adlib HD will distribute your weight evenly to significantly reduce the pain from sitting all day. While not exactly a plush seat, it’s the next best thing on wheels.

The Adlib HD is designed for many trail types, including downhill and endurance races. Some of these trails require more aggression, while others ask for perseverance. Both are within this saddle’s stride.

With a vinyl leather outer layer, this saddle can withstand immense impact. Even after extensive use, the cover stays unscathed.

The rails are made of Chromoly steel. It’s a material that boasts high tensile strength and doesn’t rust. Being ductile, it’s not unusual to see Funn employ this material in its saddle rails.

Funn lab-tests all its products and will find their limits through extensive analysis. That’s how you know this saddle can go through extreme cycling and come out intact. This is because it’s made with the best manufacturing processes on the planet, such as CNC machining.

The Adlib HD’s design reflects extensive athlete feedback and advice. Funn takes the best advice to construct a product that meets most users’ needs.

The Good

Seat chafing isn’t an issue with the Adlib HD. The vinyl leather cover doesn’t punish you for sitting on it, giving you a pleasant riding experience even after hours of cycling. Cleaning the surface is also not difficult.

The Bad

While the Adlib HD is a good product, it’s not without a weakness. A few owners did not find it comfortable to sit on, but this isn’t the majority opinion.


  • Comfortable
  • Alloy rails
  • Durable surface
  • Excellent customer service


Not comfortable for some users

Selle Royal 2014 Respiro Relaxed Unisex MTB/Road Bicycle Saddle

Selle Royal’s Respiro Saddle contains the company’s revolutionary gel technology that guarantees the ultimate in comfortable rides. Besides keeping your lower parts dry and cool, there’s even a clip system for different objects you might wish to carry. It’s a product you won’t regret buying.

Product Highlights

Within the saddle is a nontoxic gel that doesn’t harden or change over time. It will remain in the same state many miles later, just like when you bought it. The pressure peaks are cut down by at least 40% for an adequate level of softness.

Thanks to Selle Royal’s ventilation technology, the cover can stay up to 25 degrees Celsius or 77 degrees Fahrenheit cooler than a typical black saddle. That’s because moisture can’t seep into the covering.

The cover is also 20% lighter than usual due to vacuum sealing. In addition, sweat and water are prevented from reaching the gel, so the seat always stays the same weight.

A clip system is integrated into the seat and allows it to function as additional storage. In addition, you can attach a multi-tool or extra reflective panels, depending on your needs.

The Respiro Saddle’s comfort levels are further increased because the foam matrix has an open cell style. It helps the seat stay elastic and breathable too.

The Good

The 2014 Respiro Saddle is highly forgiving and helps you stay comfortable even on rough trails. You can wear it with padded shorts. Best of all, it keeps the private parts safe at all times.

The Bad

Compared to some saddles, this one is more suited for lighter riders. However, it’s not wide enough for users with a broader back end.


  • Highly comfortable
  • Excellent ventilation
  • Light saddle
  • Cooler surface


Suited for lighter riders

Serfas RX-921L Road/MTB Comfort RX Saddle – Men’s

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Serfas designed this saddle for men only, which means the shape and features are dedicated to protecting what needs to be protected. Its unique form is proven to reduce feelings of pressure and numbness after hours of mountain biking. Few other products are this careful towards your body parts.

Product Highlights

The RX-921L saddle has a distinctive channel that reduces the pressure around your neurovascular bundle. As a result, blood flows freely when you sit on it and cycle, making the numbness and pain practically disappear.

For extra comfort, Serfas developed its Infinite Comfort System. The seat has four layers of gel, microfiber covers, and closed cell foam to support your buttocks. As a result, hours of riding will whisk by without you noticing.

The base contains a rubber-like substance to prevent your bones from feeling rough spots. Each half even rotates separately to reduce friction.

A raised tall end is what keeps the nerves from hurting. Even so, the nose structure has good stability.

You can choose from a Lycra or waterproof cover made from microfiber. Your choice may affect the required riding shorts, so choose according to your needs.

The Good

Compared to a traditional saddle, Serfas’ RX-921L distributes pressure evenly to protect your crotch area and Sitz bone. The foam structure contains gel for extra support. You’ll find it a great cushioning system.

The Bad

Some users don’t like its rather bizarre appearance and have mentioned it takes longer to break in. Moreover, time can also reduce the foam and gel’s effectiveness.


  • Designed for men
  • Excellent ventilation
  • Doesn’t pinch
  • Reduces pressure
  • Highly stable design


  • Made for men only
  • Not particularly attractive
  • Takes longer to break in
  • Foam and gel may lose effectiveness

Buyer’s Guide

When choosing from many excellent mountain bike seats, it’s crucial to factor in five main points. First, not everyone will benefit from the same product, as one advantage for others may result in pain for you. Here are some things to consider when considering which saddle to buy.


Width is one of the most important measurements for a mountain bike saddle. Instead of your hips, look to your Sitz bones when choosing a saddle. They’re the two pointy ends under your hips.

A saddle that’s too narrow will pull the ends apart and cause discomfort during long rides. Too broad, the bones will be too far from the saddle center, resulting in aches. Please don’t use your instincts to pick a measurement, as you might regret it later.

When you get the correct width, a saddle will feel like sitting on a cloud. Unfortunately, most people don’t have the tools to measure how wide the Sitz bones are, but you can consider visiting a bike shop. These establishments have a designated tool for the job.

Many saddle models come in various sizes, and most manufacturers measure in millimeters. Some standard sizes are 150 mm and 142 mm.


Padding isn’t the end-all-be-all solution for the ultimate comfortable saddle, but it is essential in increasing your ride distances. The material, usually foam, gel, or a combination of the two, can deform under your weight and pressure, which causes soreness. You’ll want to look for high-quality padding.

Softness can help hide the pain temporarily, but over time, the material will deteriorate and reveal the wrong saddle width or shape. Moreover, it will cause pain if you insist on using it. Even the softest product others claim to use to heal their buttocks can do the opposite for you.

The shape is more important than the padding. Some riders even use bare carbon seats, which are stiff but surprisingly comfortable due to having a suitable form. However, these aren’t for everyone since most saddles have, at best minimal padding.

In this area, sometimes less is more. The fewer contact points on the seat, the less potential for soreness on rough rides. It all depends on your body and whether the product fits adequately.


There aren’t too many factors in the saddle rails, but you should still keep an eye on what they’re made of. Ideally, they should be constructed of solid materials you can trust, such as titanium, carbon, and steel.

Each material offers different advantages and comes at different prices. For example, carbon rails tend to be part of mid-tier and above seats since they’re very light and still relatively solid. On the other hand, the lower tiers of saddles tend to come with common steel alloys.

More exotic alloys or titanium rails can signify higher quality, as these are much more expensive than the usual steel. Titanium is lighter but still solid. If you want durability and weight, a strong steel alloy could be what you’re looking for.

Remember that carbon rails may not fit all clamps due to their oval shape.


Saddle noses come in various lengths, and you’ll usually find a certain consensus floating around. A longer nose is better for weight shifting, so you can ride for more extended periods and in rougher environments. Shorter noses are considered leisure-style products combined with extra padding and a more upright sitting position.


Depth refers to the channels and cut-outs some seats have. Many people find cut-outs comfortable, but others don’t. The latter group is affected negatively because their structure means the depth creates pressure points.

A full hole might not be the best choice for those who ride in dirty locations. You might end up with dirt and debris down below. Fortunately, some manufacturers integrate a draining feature to prevent this.

The depth will depend on your purpose, environment, and body structure. Try some different styles first before making a choice.


How to Make a Bike Seat More Comfortable

There are many ways you can make your mountain bike saddle more comfortable. Don’t accept things as they are because even a minor adjustment can make the pain disappear and replace it with bliss.

Here’s a short list of possible changes you can make.

  • Adjust your reach, so you ride with proper posture
  • Change handlebar height or stem angles
  • Check the seat’s height and find the sweet spot
  • Change the saddle’s angle by pointing the nose up or down
  • Clear your cleats
  • Check your tire pressure
  • Add some mudguards if the weather or location isn’t favorable

Sometimes, it’s you that’s changed. You may have grown or shrunk, and these minor changes can affect how the saddle feels. Other people find it’s the bike’s fault, which will call for a new bike instead.

The saddle may not be suitable for your body. This phenomenon can happen if you buy an ill-fitting product, so taking measurements is essential for comfort. Unfortunately, seats can’t be resized, and you’ll have to buy a new one if you purchased the wrong size.

How to Size a Mountain Bike Saddle

Usually, you’ll need to use a dedicated tool to size a saddle. However, most saddles come with dimensions listed somewhere, and you can measure your Sitz bones instead.

This step can be done in a shop, but here’s a method you can perform at home.

  1. Place some aluminum foil or cardboard on a solid surface you can sit on.
  2. Sit on the foil or cardboard and pick your feet up.
  3. Get into your favorite riding position.
  4. Stand up off the foil or cardboard.
  5. Measure the distance between the centers of the depressions on the foil or cardboard.
  6. Add 25-30 mm to the distance, which will be your ideal saddle width.

With this information, you should easily find a saddle corresponding to your sitz bones. This will give you the guidance you need to get a perfectly sized bike seat. As a result, you’ll have more fun riding in the mountains, enjoying the view instead of worrying about comfort.

What Type of Saddle Do Mountain Bikers Use?

Mountain bikers use MTB saddles or mountain bike saddles. These seats provide comfort and stability since you usually assume a more sporty riding position. Some say that the saddles you use for mountain biking should be the most comfortable ones you can find.

Experienced mountain bikers use products designed for this activity. These saddles have more length and features that keep your undercarriage safe from soreness, chafing, and trail debris. A standard saddle simply doesn’t make the cut.

Final Verdict

The Wittkop Bike Seat gets first place in the best MTB saddle category due to its cooling system, durability, and innovative technology. It provides a comfortable platform for people who don’t just mountain bike but also cycle on pavement. Besides some fitting issues, which are natural for all seats, it has almost no actual weaknesses.

A high-quality mountain biking saddle is essential for long-distance biking because you won’t make it very far if you feel sore. In addition, many agree that a good seat helps you reach farther distances more quickly. Try the tips in this article and find your dream saddle today.