Can You Ride Road Bikes on Dirt?

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If you are new to the cycling world, you probably have many questions. For instance, can you ride a road bike on a dirt surface? The first answer that automatically springs to mind is no, but this doesn’t mean it is impossible. It just means you should have the right bike for its intended purpose.

A road bike is designed to be ridden on the road, and it isn’t usually recommended to be ridden on gravel. This is because you could damage the frame if it is aluminum or another lightweight material, and the wheels have thin tires. If you want to bike on the road and go off-road, it is best to purchase a hybrid bike.

Keep reading to learn more about why you shouldn’t ride a road bike on gravel and some tips that will help if you do so anyway.

Reasons to Not Take a Road Bike on Gravel

Yes, riding a road bike on gravel is possible, but it isn’t recommended, no matter your level of experience. Not only can off-road biking cause damage to a road bike, but it can also lead to physical injuries. Here are some reasons why it is best to use an off-road bike on gravel and other uneven surfaces.

A Road Bike is Not Designed for Gravel

While there will likely be times when you will have to ride your road bike over patches of gravel, it is not something you will be doing all the time. Road bikes are designed to be used on roads. Riding on gravel with a road bike may be very unsteady and won’t be overly comfortable.

Road Bike Tires are For Roads, Not Gravel

The tires on a road bike are narrow and smooth, making them ideal for roads but not so great for gravel surfaces. This tire is not created to withstand many bumps on the road and isn’t great for uneven surfaces.

Road Bikes are Built for Speed

A good road bike is built for speed, not for gravel. Road bikes are made to be sleek and lightweight, so you can get as much speed as possible. Of course, you only want this kind of speed on even surfaces. If you are biking on gravel, it would be dangerous to bike at higher speeds. If you want to ride on gravel, choose a bike made for this or a hybrid made for both purposes.

The Differences Between Gravel and Road Bikes

So, what makes a gravel bike so different from a road bike? For starters, a gravel bike is a cross between a road bike and a mountain bike. It is similar in design to both types of bikes, but at the same time, vastly different. Let’s look at some of the differences between gravel and road bikes.

Longer Wheelbases

A gravel bike has a much longer wheelbase than a road bike. This will give you more stability when riding on gravel and uneven surfaces.

More Power

A gravel bike is a lot more powerful than a road bike. This is because it needs that extra power to get you over bumpy surfaces. A gravel bike is also smooth enough for riding on the road, so it is best to get a gravel bike. A road bike can be easily damaged on gravel, but a gravel bike can easily be ridden on roads.


One thing a gravel bike has that a road bike does not have is suspension. If you are going off-roading with your bike, it is essential to have this suspension to cushion the ride. Otherwise, your butt will be pretty sore by the end of the day. Most road bikes do not have suspension, and when they do, it is still not enough to keep you comfortable for a long day of off-road cycling.


The brakes on a road bike differ vastly from those on a gravel bike. A gravel bike has disc brakes, which are more versatile and powerful. This braking system is ideal for mixed terrain and is powerful enough to grip in any condition.


Gravel and road bikes have vastly different tires, varying in design and size. Gravel bike tires are made for gripping rough surfaces. Tires for a road bike are much smoother and may end up skidding on gravel.

Can You Ride Road Bikes on Dirt

Tips for Taking Your Road Bike Off-Road

If you should decide that you want to take your road bike off-road, there are a few things you will need to consider. First, make sure that you are relaxed while riding. When biking on gravel, you will notice some lateral movement, and the front wheel may tend to wander.

Instead of tensing up, it is best to stay relaxed. Your arms, shoulders, and hands should be loose, and you only need to keep a regular grip on the handlebars. Here are some more tips to keep in mind when taking your road bike off-road.

Keep the Momentum Going

It is crucial to continue pedaling and keep your speed and forward momentum up for the front wheel to easily glide over gravel and other bumps. The speed will help you to keep the bike upright and balanced.

Use Moderate Speed

While it is important to maintain your speed, it is just as important to moderate your speed. Avoid going too fast, especially if you are descending. Remember, you will have much less traction on gravel than on pavement. Be sure to brake early and often to maintain control over the bike, and do not lean into the corners.

Keep Your Butt on the Seat

You may be tempted to stand up and get out of the saddle, but this is really a no-no when using a road bike off-road. The geometry of a road bike is made so that your weight will move forward, leading to less rear-wheel traction. Keep your butt on the seat to give the rear wheel the needed power.

Be Careful when Braking

It is essential to be gentle when braking. This is going to help you to avoid skidding on rough surfaces. You will need to be even more gentle with the front brake. If you notice the front wheel skidding, release the front brake immediately.

Keep Your Butt Comfy

If you spend a long day biking on dirt, you need to ensure that you are comfortable. The most crucial consideration will be your butt. It is a good idea to always wear padded shorts that will provide you with extra cushioning. Many cyclists recommend shorts or bibs that have an endurance chamois. This is going to really help to keep you from having a really sore butt by the end of the day.


If you love cycling in all conditions, chances are you will try going off-road with your road bike. While it is okay to do this once in a while, if you plan to be biking on gravel or other uneven terrains a lot, it is a good idea to invest in a bike that can really handle rough terrain. We recommend a hybrid bike if you still want to bike on the road. That way, you can use it for both purposes, and you won’t have to invest in two separate bikes.