8 Tips on How to Make an eBike Go Faster

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eBikes, or electric bicycles, are highly convenient, as they allow you to travel at high speeds and long distances without having to do any of the hard work. If you live in a city and need an eco-friendly mode of transportation that will not cost you a fortune, then an electric bike is definitely the way to go.

With that being said, e-bikes don’t always go super-fast, especially if you get one of the more cost-effective units out there. However, there are some little tricks and tips that you can follow to make your e-bike go faster.

This article will advise you on how to make an e-bike go faster, so you can reach your destination more quickly.

Tips on How to Make an eBike Go Faster

If you follow the tips below, getting your bike to travel at much higher speeds should be more than doable.

Get a More Powerful Battery

The speed the motor can work depends somewhat on the battery’s voltage, so the best way to increase the speed of your electric bike is to upgrade your battery to a more powerful model. For example, some electric bicycles have 24-Volt batteries, and others have 36-Volts.

However, if you switch those for a 48 Volt battery, your bike should travel at higher speeds. However, check the controller of your bicycle to ensure that it can handle a higher voltage level because if it can’t, you risk short-circuiting or overpowering the controller, which will break it.

Keep Your eBike Fully Charged

One of the simplest things is to ensure your electric bicycle battery is always fully charged; the more charged your battery is, the higher the voltage will be, allowing the motor to travel at higher speeds.

As mentioned, the motor speed depends on your battery’s power level. Therefore, if you keep your battery fully charged at all times, you can travel faster. So, instead of only charging your electric bicycle when the battery is near dead, it’s a good idea to charge it between every commute.

This will help ensure your battery is fully charged for every trip, allowing you to reach maximum speeds. Moreover, don’t forget that if you let your battery set with a full charge for a long time, it can lead to adverse effects on the battery.

Get a New Motor

Another option to make your electric bicycle go faster is to get a motor with a higher RPM rating for the voltage your battery has. This is extremely easy if you have a hub motor on your electric bicycle. You can get a motor with a higher KV or RPM rating than your current model.

Or you could buy a bicycle that has a very powerful motor in the first place. For instance, an electric bike might have a 250-Watt motor, 350-Watt motor, 500-Watt motor, etc. The more powerful the motor is, or the more watts it has, the faster it will travel.

It comes down to how powerful the motor is and how much battery power there is to fuel that motor. If you have the most powerful motor and the most powerful battery around, you will be able to travel very quickly.

Keep the Tires in Mind

Another very easy way to make your electric bicycle go faster is to ensure you have the right tires. Tires with a deep traction pattern are ideal for mountain bikes, especially when getting a good grip on rough surfaces. However, all that texture and the knobs negatively affect speed.

Therefore, put smooth road bicycle tires on your bike. The smoother the tires are, the faster they will be able to travel due to producing less friction between them and the ground.

In addition, keep the tire pressure pumped up very close or even at its maximum pressure. This will help prevent them from flattening when weight is on them, allowing for less contact between them and the road.

Remember, the less contact between the tires and the road, the faster your bike will go. Also, if your tires are hard, although you will travel faster, you’ll feel the bumps in the road.

How to Make an eBike Go Faster

Get a Windshield

Having a windshield for your electric bicycle may sound counterintuitive because you’re adding more weight. However, adding a windshield to your electric bike will improve aerodynamics.

If you don’t have a windshield, your body will act like a sail; it will catch the wind and produce a lot of drag. However, adding a windshield will keep your body from catching the wind.

These windshields are designed to allow for maximum aerodynamics. In some cases, adding a windscreen to an electric bicycle could enable you to travel up to 3 miles (5 kilometers) faster per hour.

Tune the Brakes

Another thing to help make your electric bicycle go faster is to tune your brakes. If your brakes are too tight, it produces friction on the tires. The brakes might slow you down for your trip simply because they keep touching the tire. Therefore, tune the brakes properly, so they don’t constantly come into contact with the wheels.


If you don’t want to add a windshield to your e-bike, you can crouch down on it while riding. Of course, this isn’t overly comfortable, but it will make you more aerodynamic and allow you to travel faster.

Modify Your eBike

Although not always legal, there are ways to hack your e-bike and remove the speed restrictions. You might be able to go into the display and alter the settings, trick your e-bike into thinking it has smaller wheels; it will think it is going slower and remove the speed restrictions. There might also be a speed-limiting wire on the controller; if you disconnect it, your e-bike may travel faster.


If you follow these tips, your e-bike can travel faster and should be safe.